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Chapter 4
The First Strike
"So Kai, what's your big plan?" asked Tyson as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.
Kai walked towards his teammates and looked at Kenny.
"Chief, pull up a map of the dictator's weapon supply dump." he commanded.
"Sure." replied Kenny.
Kenny quickly opened up his laptop and typed for what seemed half an hour was actually a couple of minutes until a map of the of the insides of the dictator's weapon supply dump appeared on the screen.
The rest of the GRevolutions crowded around Kenny's laptop in awe. Suddenly Daichi's voice broke the silence.
"So what does this have to do with your big plan?" he asked as he raised one of his eyebrows.
Kai looked over at Daichi and gave him a death glare that send him cowering underneath the table. Then he cleared his throught and spoke to the others.
"This weapon supply dump is our target. The dictator supplies his police force with those weapons. If we take out their supply source, then they won't be able to torture the people and it'll also give some beybladers who might still be out there a chance to find a place to hide."
Kai stopped for a moment to see if the others were paying any attention to what he was saying. Kenny, obviously very scared about the whole idea of sneaking into a highly secure area, took this chance to speak.
"But there's a lot of security around that place! We'll be lucky to even get by the front door unnoticed!" he said with fear in his voice.
As Kenny looked up at Kai to see his response, he was shocked to see a smirk on his face.
"Well, chief that's why you're going to stay here and direct us to the main weapon storage room. You're going to watch out for the dictator's police force and warn us if any are coming our way. Understood?" Kai explained.
Relief swept through Kenny's body once he found out that he wasn't going with them, but then his concern went to the others. He knew that they could handle themselves, but he couldn't push away the nagging doubt that the dictator would be prepared for their attack. He could only hope that he wasn't and that the others could get out before they got caught.
"Where will we enter?" asked Ray suddenly.
"We'll enter at the northern entrance. There seems to be less security around that area!" Kai replied as he pointed at an area on the map.
A few seconds of silence passed before Kai spoke up once again, "We'll split up into teams: Tyson and Daichi will go into the first secondary storage room, Ray and Max will go into the second secondary storage room, and I'll go into the main storage room. And at the appointed time Kenny gives us, we'll destroy the ammo with our beyblades and get ourselves out. Got it?"
Everyone nodded. Then Hilary noticed that she wasn't included in this mission. She couldn't believe it; she was a part of this team too! She deserved to help.
"Hey, wait a minute!," Hilary snapped, "How come I'm not on this mission?"
Everyone's eyes stared at her except for Kai's. Hilary's ruby eyes began to bore into Kai, searching for a reason why she wasn't going with them.
After a few moments of silence, Kai looked up at her and answered her question, "It's too dangerous for you to come along. I don't think that we want to risk losing you again."
'Especially I don't want to lose you again.,' thought Kai, 'Huh? Where did that thought come from?' Kai pushed away the growing conflict in his head and focused on what was happening now.
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Beyblade and it's characters(c)Takao Aoki
Any Jak II element found within this story(c)Naughty Dog
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