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Chapter 3
Rekindling Hope
Darren Michaels gazed through the window and looked down at the small town that was filled with fear, hatred, and anger. A long time ago he could remember when the place was filled with happiness and hope. Oh, how he loathed hope!
To him, hope was just useless, pointless, and that it destroyed people's minds. Before he became the person who he was now, that was one of the things that he wanted to destroy forever. The other thing that he wanted to destroy was beyblade!
When he was a young boy, he would always sit on the sidelines watching other boys and girls launching their beyblades and battling each other. Every now and then one of them would release the sacred beasts that layed within the beyblades.
His silver eyes would look at the beasts with desire. Everytime he saw one it only made him want one of the sacred beasts to call his own.
One day he bought a beyblade and he taught himself how to launch it and how to move, attack, and defend. Once he felt satisfied with his hard-earned skills, he battled and defeated child after child each in a beybattle.
After many years of battling and defeating each and everyone of his opponents, he found that still, even after this time, a bit beast still hadn't come to him. He became frustrated and angry at why one of the beasts hadn't chosen him yet.
Soon after that he began to take out his anger on the beybladers and the bit beasts. He would challenge other kids to beybattles and when they lost, he would destroy their beyblade along with their bit beasts.
Each time he destroyed a beyblade and bit beast, the battles helped him to come up with a plan to wipe out the sport altogether in this town.
He brought his plan into action when he used his beyblading skills to rise in power. He shut down the projects for future building of better beyblades, ceased the rebuilding of the BBA headquarters, and finally outlawed beyblading.
Of course he knew that people would oppose against this, so he raised his power to a dictatorship and used military action to force people to obey him. He even used this force to imprison many beybladers and well-known associates. But there was one team of beyblades that kept on eluding him: The GRevolutions.
He had placed them on the most wanted beyblader list in hopes of flushing them out, but it apparently wasn't working. He also knew that when they had to, they would have to come out of their safehaven, but he had no way to get them to do that. Until he discovered that one of the team members wasn't in hiding. And that team member was Hilary Tatibana.
A plan had quickly devised in his head of how he could use her to lure the others out. He knew that she was very special to them and that she had always been able to get them to stand together through thick and thin.
He had always wondered how she was able to do such a thing. Was she magical?, or did she just possess a special power over them? The answer to that question he didn't know. But he did know that if he wanted to finally get the GRevolutions he had to get her and afterwards, once he got what he wanted, he would kill them all, including Hilary.
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Beyblade and it's characters(c)Takao Aoki
Any Jak II elements that appear within story(c)Naughty Dog
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