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Chapter 2
Hilary couldn't believe her eyes. Here, standing right in front of her was none other than Kai Hiwatari, one of the GRevolutions and one of her friends. Her heart was bursting with joy and she wanted to scream out his name and go up to him and hug him, hoping that he wouldn't leave her again, but she knew that she couldn't, because this was a different time. Maybe five years ago she could have done that, but now she couldn't take the risk of anyone finding them.
"K...Kai..., what are you doing here?" Hilary asked him, her voice filled with shock.
The two-toned haired young man chuckled then replied, "I couldn't let you die, could I?"
"No, I guess not." answered Hilary as she looked at him strangely.
Kai's clothes were tattered and torn and his hair was disheveled, but yet throughout his appearance, his eyes still held the burning desire for battle. Hilary couldn't believe that even after all that he had been through, that he still had it.
Kai noticed her staring. He knew that it would take her a long time to get used to seeing them after being gone for five long years, but right now they didn't have that kind of time. He looked at the officers that he had knocked out with his beyblade and knew that sooner or later one of them would wake up or else the glorious dictator would send some more officers to see what happened to the others. And Kai knew that he didn't want to end up being in the middle of that.
"Hey Hil!" he called to her.
"Huh, what?" asked Hilary, breaking out of her trance.
"I don't think that we should stick around here anymore. C'mon, let's go!" ordered Kai as he turned around and began walking towards a dead-end alley.
Confusion came across Hilary's face, but when she heard the voices of officers heading towards their direction, she realized why Kai had wanted for them to get out of here. She walked over to where Kai was and she saw him push in a stone that was in the wall.
Then slowly a door opened up in the wall. Hilary gasped in amazement. Kai looked at her and then, in the corner of his eye, he saw the officers begin to round the corner.
"Get in now!" he whispered to her.
Once again a confused look came onto her face until once more she heard the officers' voices. She quickly ran into the door in the wall and soon after Kai followed. Then the door was once again covered by a stone slab.
Relief swept through each of their bodies as Hilary removed the hood that was covering her head. She looked around the place that they were standing in.
The walls were bare except for a few maps that were posted up. There was a blazing fire over in one corner of the room and a huge table was sitting right in the middle. Then over on the right side of the room was another doorway, but this one was open.
Kai began to walk towards the table and as soon as he reached it, Hilary asked, "So this is where you've been living all this time?"
After a few seconds he replied, "Yeah, but I'm not the only one who's here."
Hilary's heart leaped with joy. Wait a minute! Could he mean that the other GRevolutions were here also? Her heart ached at the thought of being able to see her friends again.
Then she heard a familiar voice call out to Kai.
Keep in mind that this is only a preview, not the entire chapter. If you wish to read the whole chapter, please go to this [link] . Once there, you can read it and post a review if you like or just leave a comment here. Either one works.

Beyblade and it's characters(c)Takao Aoki
Any Jak II elements that are present within story(c)Naughty Dog
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