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Chapter 1
Darkness Is All That Surrounds You
In this small town, many people roam the streets, searching for food and warmth. There used to be happiness and kindness, but now they have been replaced with fear and oppression.
Where there was once a beyblading stadium, now lies a huge heap of rubble. Beyblade shops have been closed down and the people who ran them are forced into the streets.
The new BBA building was shut down. It was never finished, so there it sat, incomplete. All the bit beasts were destroyed and every beyblader wielding them were either killed or imprisoned.
And it was all thanks to him; the ruthless dictator of this small town. No one knew exactly how he came to power or why he was so against the sport of beyblading. The only thing that the people did know about him was that he was pure evil.
Walking along the streets with the other homeless people was 20-year-old Hilary Tatibana. The wind blew through her chocolate-colored hair and the faint rays of moonlight reflected off of her ruby eyes. Her face was hooded by a dark cloak and her clothes and skin were dirtied by mud, because of hard work over the years.
As she continued walking, she saw a poster that had been taped up onto the side of a pole. It read, 'Wanted: GRevolutions!'. Then underneath the wording were six photographs.
The first one was a boy that looked like he had just turned twenty. He had dark navy blue hair as well as navy blue eyes. A cap was placed backwards on his head and he wore a red jacket over a yellow shirt. The sleeves on the jacket had been rolled up past his elbows. He also had blue gloves, black-bluish jeans, and red tenishoes. The name underneath the picture read, 'Tyson Granger'.
The boy right beside Tyson had thick blonde hair and blue eyes that held the spark of innocence. He wore a shirt that had green sleeves and the rest of it was yellow and it had a red 'M' on the right side corner of it. He also had orange pants along with an orange jacket tied around his waist. On his feet were green tenishoes and on his hands were green gloves. His name was Max Tate.
Next to him was a chinese boy who had long, dark, raven-black hair that was pulled back with a red bandana that had the yin-yang symbol on it and a long, white cloth. He also had cat-like golden eyes that glistened in the sun. He had a chinese-like shirt on that also had the yin-yang sign on it and he had a red sash tied around his waist. On his legs and feet, he had black pants and black shoes and his hands had red gloves with the yin-yang symbol on them. Ray Kon was his name.
The little kid who was right below him had red hair, green eyes, and a scar that layed on his forehead. He had on a blue shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to his shoulders. His pants were a light blue color and one side of them had been torn off. The shoes on his feet were blue and his wristbands on his wrists were red. Daichi was the youngest member of that team.
The boy with the glasses' name was Kenny. He had a light green shirt that had a green tie that was tied underneath the collar of his shirt. Kenny also had forest green shorts, blue tenishoes, and dark green gloves that matched his tie. His glasses were laying atop his brown hair that came across his eyes, so you couldn't see them. Kenny was known as the brains behind the GRevolutions team.
Then the next picture was of him. His two-toned hair of silver and blue was all in his face. His crimson eyes shone with the fire of victory. On his face, there were two pairs of blue triangles on each side. Around his neck, there was a white scarf that fluttered in the wind and he also had a dark blue shirt that had a black jacket over it. He had dark blue pants and black shoes as well as black gloves on his hands. He was the one and only, Kai Hiwatari.
Keep in mind, this is a preview, not the entire chapter! If you wish to read the entire chapter, please go to this [link] . After reading, if you wish you can leave a review on it telling me what you think or you can leave a comment here. Either way works.

Beyblade and it's characters(c)Takao Aoki
Any elements of Jak II that is present in this story(c)Naughty Dog
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